Jimmy Korderas Shares His Take On WWE Day 1 Main Event, More

During his recent chat with The Wrestling Inc. Daily, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas shared his thoughts on the main event of WWE Day 1. Korderas also explained why WWE Champion Brock Lesnar should face Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a title unification match at WrestleMania 38. Check out the highlights below.

On the late addition to the WWE Day 1 main event, Brock Lesnar:

“I liked the idea of inserting him in this because it gave him a prominent role. Especially when you advertise someone like a Brock Lesnar, a superstar like that. Putting him in that situation, I thought to myself the first thing, ‘good call because you can put him in there, he doesn’t have to win the match. There are many ways to get out of this without compromising Brock Lesnar. He doesn’t have to be the one to eat the pin and that stuff. It could be KO, it could be Seth, it could be anybody else.’”

On a potential title unification match at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas:

“The big story on SmackDown was Roman and Brock. You can continue that leading up to WrestleMania. Like you said, title vs title, a huge unification match. That makes that championship mean so much more. Then this one champion can basically go to both brands and be a special champion, you don’t see him every week. I know people will say, ‘we want to see our champion more.’ Your champion should be special, you should only see him sporadically. That makes you want to see him that much more. At least in theory.”