John Cena and Filmmaker James Gunn Joke On Twitter About Cena's Peacemaker Character In Suicide Squad

Acclaimed filmmaker James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, Super) took to Twitter recently and shared a picture of former 16-time world champion John Cena, who was walking around in his Peacemaker uniform for the upcoming film, The Suicide Squad. Gunn, who directed the film, jokes that the Cenation leader dawned the costume on his day off, a joke that Cena immediately responded to.

Gunn writes, "What’s weird is that this is on John’s day off." Cena responds with, "Why is that weird? Just breaking in the uniform. #Peacemaker PS, it’s quite difficult to shower in...but I manage."

The Suicide Squad releases in theaters and HBO Max on August 6th. Cena's standalone Peacemaker project is still filming and will be released in 2022.