John Cena Invites Grammy-Award Winning Rapper Eminem To Record A New Verse For His WWE Theme Song

A fan recently made a remix of WWE legend and 16-time World Champion John Cena's WWE theme song, with Grammy-Award winning rapper Eminem being added to the song and apparently the theme song was trending on social media that it found its way back to the 16-time World Champion. Speaking with Esquire, John Cena was asked about the fan-made remix of his WWE theme song and if he would really have Eminem be a part of his theme song, then which part would he have Eminem write or perform.

According to John Cena, he would have Eminem write a new verse than to give him a rehashed version of his theme song because he is one of the most gifted and talented artist ever and he would put Cena to shame with his version.

John Cena said:

“I would simply have him write a verse.” “Because he’s one of the most gifted, prolific poets I’ve ever had the chance to listen to. I think if you gave him this music rather than rehashing something he made for a specific beat, I would like to think he would completely put me to shame by giving it his own Eminem touch.”

“So, Em, if you’re down to write some bars, borrow the track. It is a catchy tune. I don’t know, think about it. Mull it over, get back to me. Or don’t get back to me, whatever.”

Cena's popularity in the WWE began when he started using his "Doctor Of Thuganomics" gimmick. He then brought back his "Doctor Of Thuganomics" gimmick during an in-ring segment he had with WWE Star Elias at WrestleMania 35. WWE legend John Cena has also had success in the music business, when he released the 2005 album “The Time Is Now.” In 2014, the 16-time World Champion recorded two songs with Grammy-nominated rapper Wiz Khalifa for the WWE 2K15 video game soundtrack “All Day” and “Breaks.”

You can check out the fan-made remix of John Cena's WWE theme song below, along with his comments: