John Cena Sr. Shares His Thoughts On The Bella Twins

John Cena Sr. recently sat down for an interview, and talked with the folks over at Boston Wrestling MWF. During his discussion on the show, the host, Dan Mirade, had some pretty harsh words for The Bella Twins. Mirade went in on the duo’s abilities, and said the soon to be Hall of Famers had “poor matches, poor promos, and poor skits”. Cena responded to the comments, and simply said:

“I think you said it all”.

The father of WWE Superstar, and Hollywood star John Cena, continued to talk about his son’s ex-fiancé, and her sister. Cena spoke about The Bella Twins people skills, and told Mirade:

“I will say this. On the human side, outside of the business, you couldn’t ask for better people, from mom to the girls, just good, decent human beings. Kind, generous, very good human beings.”

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(H/T and transcribed by S/KWrestling)