John Morrison Talks Coming Up With Crazy Storyline Ideas, Working With Bad Bunny

WWE RAW Star John Morrison, who made his return to the WWE in 2020 after being away for 8 years, made an appearance on a recent episode of WWE's After The Bell Podcast with Corey Graves and discussed how he comes up with crazy storyline ideas because that is how he works and how he really enjoyed working with The Miz

John Morrison said:

“I would air on the side of driving myself crazy with ideas.” “That’s kind of how I work, I just am constantly on overdrive. Wrestling is supposed to be fun. We’re supposed to be having a good time, and formally, I really enjoyed working with The Miz and coming up with ideas. He is one of those guys that it doesn’t matter how dumb the idea is, especially if it’s a poop joke, he’ll love it and he’ll die laughing. Then you can kind of build something and it’s usually fun, and in that case we were lucky because most of our ideas pertained to our opponents. And even if you don’t, like I have a ton of weird Dirt Sheet scripts written and other ideas that never got used. I like the process of writing it and thinking it through, and if it never happens, still the half a day I spent writing a detailed fight against the Easter bunny was still kind of fun. I ended up hurting my knee so I couldn’t do it, but I don’t regret doing it. It was still an interesting way to spend an afternoon.”

John Morrison then talked about one of the highlights of his careers, which is working with Bad Bunny at WrestleMania 37 and how he enjoyed working with Bad Bunny inside of a squared circle.

John Morrison said:

“Bad Bunny, that guy, for being such a huge mega star, came into the WWE and just went for it.” “He was going to work hard and try to make everything work. For me, it was the best opportunity to make fun of somebody. It was really fun for Miz and I to do a diss track on Bad Bunny. It was fun to make fun of him, and he was having fun too. I think that’s what made everything work. Sometimes it’s fun to kick someone’s ass, sometimes it’s fun to sucker punch someone and it should be. That’s how I look at it. I’m not the kind of guy that’s evil. There’s different types of characters, and if you can figure out the authentic version of yourself, then it should be fun and it should be fun to watch.”