Johnny Gargano On Recent WWE Returns, Possible DIY Reunion

Former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano recenlty particpated in an Asylum virtual signing, where he continued to tease his wrestling future. Check out the highlights below.

On recent WWE Superstar returns:

“I’ve seen. I’ve noticed. It’s exciting times all around. You never know what could happen. Keep watching, we’re [Candice & I] going to show up at some point, wherever that may be.”

On a DIY reunion with Raw Superstar Ciampa:

“You never know what could happen. We’re living in a crazy world where anything can go down. You never know what can happen on Mondays or Fridays anymore.”

On his wrestling future:

“I promise. We will. We’ll be making some magic at some point in the future, I promise.”

Gargano left WWE back in December of 2021, and LeRae followed in May.