Jon Moxley Discusses Whether He'll Stop Working Ultra-Violent Matches Once His Child Is Born

AEW superstar Jon Moxley recently spoke with Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live to hype his upcoming IWGP United States championship matchup against NJPW's KENTA. During the interview the Purveyor of Violence would be asked whether he would be toning down his in-ring performance once he becomes a father, a question that was spawned after it was revealed he would be challenging Kenny Omega in an exploding barbed wire match at AEW Revolution. Hear what Moxley's response was below.

I’ve never had a kid before, so I don’t know how much that would change. One moment I could say ‘oh nothing is gonna change’ and then get the kid and all of the sudden everything changes. I can’t really anticipate the answer to that question, but I would think that the lesson I want to give my child, or anybody would be, ‘you don’t want to do anything stupid, or reckless in life, you also got to live it while you’re here, you’ve been blessed with this opportunity to be healthy’. You know I got the greatest life in the world, beautiful wife, I’m about to have a kid. I get the opportunity to do what I like to do for a living. I don’t have to go to a regular job on Monday.

(H/T and transcribed by Heel By Nature)