Jon Moxley Says Bloodsport Is What Pro-Wrestling Is "Supposed To Be," Talks Davey Boy Smith Jr. and more

AEW superstar Jon Moxley recently spoke with Sports Illustrated to promote tomorrow's Bloodsport V pay per view, where the Purveyor of Violence will be taking on Davey Boy Smith Jr, a man who has yet to be defeated at these events. Full highlights from the interview can be found below.

Calls Bloodsport Pro-Wrestling at its best:

This is pro wrestling, exactly what f------ pro wrestling is supposed to be,” Moxley says. “No choreographed horses---, no frills, nothing that’s ironic. It’s hard-hitting wrestling, that’s Bloodsport.

Recalls watching Davey Boy Smith Jr. battle Karrion Kross at the first Bloodsport:

This is a destination for me,” Moxley says. “I wanted to do this while I was with WWE when I watched Harry Smith fight [Karrion] Kross [in April 2019]. That stood out to me, and even then, I thought Harry embodied that Bloodsport style.

Believes he can be the one to hand Smith his first Bloodsport loss:

This isn’t going to be a payday; this is going to be a moment,” Moxley says. “I can beat the guy that’s undefeated at Bloodsport, but I know he can beat me, too. Harry is legit, and I know he’s going in confident thinking he’s going to kick my ass. Maybe he will. But if that’s what he thinks he’s going to do, it’s going to be a long f------ night.

How Bloodsport reminds him of deathmatch wrestling:

Bloodsport reminds me of a deathmatch, even though it’s the complete opposite. It’s the attitude that feels the same. Bloodsport captures my spirit—we’re not there to do a dance routine; we’re two competitors laying it on the line, trying to hurt each other. This is the hardest-hitting wrestling on the planet. This is as serious as it gets in pro wrestling, and the vibe and attitude fits everything about me. And it’s even better because I get to go against Harry Smith, this brick s---house that’ll knock you in the dirt the first chance he gets.

Says he hopes to continue to improve on his resume of great matches:

I’m big game hunting,” Moxley says. “I am searching for the top opponents and the best experiences in the ring. Plus, I want to give back to the indies. Let’s put the spotlight on them, too. I want to be part of helping indie wrestling get back to where it was before this pandemic. And I am making up for a lot of lost time from my schedule in WWE, putting my body through a lot of abuse but without getting the return on the investment I wanted in terms of a body of work. I was able to connect with people all over the world, and I’m grateful for that, but now I get to make my highlight reel and make every match a memorable piece of work. AEW, New Japan and Bloodsport are the perfect place for me to do that.

On becoming a father:

Maybe becoming a parent will change my entire perspective on everything, who knows,” Moxley says. “I have another deathmatch coming up, and I’m grateful to wrestle—and I get paid for it. And I get to do indie shows, like Bloodsport. Those are fun, with awesome opponents and new matches. Yes, I’m a husband, and I’m about to be a father, but I’m also going to be a bad mother------ this Saturday at Bloodsport.