Justin Roberts Is Happy That Talent Can Shine On AEW Dark, Calls It One Of His Favorite Shows He's Apart Of

AEW ring-announcer Justin Roberts issued a short statement on his personal Instagram account praising the company's weekly Youtube series, DARK. Robert reveals that whether it's a three match card or a twenty match card, he loves being involved with a show that gets some many indie talents a chance to shine, especially now since the indie scene has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

There were times when it was 3 matches, there are times when there are 16 matches. I’m not against having 20. @AEWDark is one of my very favorite shows that I’ve been a part of. Like house shows in the past, I love that AEW talent has the opportunity to try new moves/gear/entrances etc, show management what they can do and get reps. Myself included, as I still try new announcements and watch everything back to growing as an announcer.

The independent scene has been hurt by Covid and AEW has used Dark to give SO many independent talents the opportunity to Get in the ring and work. Earn a paycheck. Get to show AEW who they are and what they have to offer. The opportunity to work with and for experienced talent and coaches who can and will do everything to help them improve. Be seen by a large audience, show the world what they can do and get their name out there!

There are so many talented wrestlers who appear on AEW Dark and I love that this platform exists. Tune in and see the stars of today and tomorrow. Learn about them from the incredible duo of @shutupexcalibur and @officialtaz13, while also being entertained by their banter.

It’s fun to watch every aspect listed above and it’s easy to find. Catch up on existing episodes today and tune in to YouTube.com/AllEliteWrestling Tuesday’s at 7/6 PM for new episodes.

Check out his full comments below.