Kenny Omega Thanks Fans For Voting Mixed-Tag Match To "Best Of AEW Dark" Series

AEW world champion Kenny Omega responded to a fan online who threw praise to an old AEW Dark match that featured the Cleaner teaming up with Riho to take on Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian in what was the promotion's first ever mixed-tag team bout. The match in question was voted by the fans as one of the best matches to take place on AEW's Youtube series, something that Omega is quite proud of.

He writes, "What a wonderful surprise. The first ever mix tag match in AEW history! We believed in how great it could be, but it was all of you who voted - All of you who kept this match alive in our history book(s)."

Omega would pick up the win for his team after nailing Sabian with his One-Winged Angel finisher. You can watch the match below.