Kenny Omega Wants To Feature AEW Women's Division On Rampage, Talks Potentially Working With WWE

AEW superstar and current world champion Kenny Omega was the latest guest on Wrestling Observer Radio to discuss a number of different subjects, including how the Cleaner still hopes for an AEW and WWE collaboration, and how he hopes to have more of the women's division featured on their newest program, Rampage. Highlights from the interview are below.

Still hoping for a collaboration with WWE:

“I really wanted to kind of wanted to open the floodgates and show what it’s like when people play nice with one another…I really think this is a situation where only the fans win. The one huge crossover – will you ever see WWE team up with anybody, who knows? I feel as the world evolves and changes and time goes by, people become more open-minded to everything, whether it be the wrestlers themselves, people in the office, the fans. I wouldn’t hold my breath but at the same time I would never say it’s impossible.”

Wants Rampage to be the home of more women's wrestling:

“I feel like the content I think we’re lacking in is our women’s division. I would love to see Rampage be home to more women’s wrestling and I want people to see and appreciate and enjoy some of the talent that we have to offer and I hope that we can get out and show some of these matches that are perhaps aren’t seen by enough people. We’ve got a lot of great talent on Dark and people maybe don’t want to watch our YouTube channel. Maybe they just want to watch Dynamite and they wanna see a television product and I get that. I think the extra hour on Rampage, I feel that rather than just give them more Chris Jericho, more Kenny Omega, more MJF, I’d rather give them all of the extremely talented individuals that maybe you can’t see that week and especially for me, I feel that we got incredibly gifted female wrestlers that have been working really hard fighting for a spot. Maybe it’s time for them to get some more. I think that would count as a variation in my pocket, more women’s wrestling.”

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling News)