Kevin Owens Says His Actions Over The Years Is Why No One Helped Him At TLC

WWE superstar Kevin Owens took to Twitter earlier today to explain why he had no friends help him during last night's TLC pay per view, where the Prizefighter came up short in his matchup against Universal champion Roman Reigns thanks largely in part to an interfering Jey Uso.

Owens writes, "Consequences of my actions for many years," referring to the number of talents he's assaulted during his WWE tenure, including top babyfaces like Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, and more. He adds in that same tweet, "Also, the Riott Squad wasn’t at the arena."

Later a fan would ask Owens about Sami Zayn, to which he jokingly responded, "I won’t let him near me until he gets a haircut." The WWE on FOX Twitter would even get involved throwing out the 205 Live tag team Ever-Rise. Check out the exchange below.