Kip Sabian Reveals Feud With Orange Cassidy And Best Friends Is His Favorite Thing In AEW

AEW Star Kip Sabian recently took part in a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, where he discussed how his feud with the current AEW All-Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy and Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta) is his favorite thing in AEW since returning to the company.

Kip Sabian said:

“What we created with the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy by far (is my favorite thing I’ve done since coming back to AEW). I was saying this the other day on my Twitch stream where I talk about this stuff a lot to chat but, I feel like it was the first chance that I’ve actually had to fully expand my wings with wrestling.”

Kip Sabian also discussed how he believes wrestling is an art form and how it's important to treat it in an artistic manner as well as how he has been very happy with the outcome of his new character and how he has some really good ideas and how there is still so much more to come.

Kip Sabian said:

“I’m very high on the belief that the art form of wrestling is super important and I try and treat it in an artistic manner like you would treat a role in a movie and I feel like there was so many little undertones that we did during that period that I was very, very happy with the outcome, especially when we had the final match. So yeah, that’s probably the thing that’s been most rewarding since doing the new character because — and I mean, there’s still so much more to go with it. It’s still in its infancy still, you know what I mean? I have some really good ideas.”

You can check out Kip Sabian's comments at this link. H/T to PostWrestling for transcribing the above quotes.