Kofi Kingston Reveals WWE Live Events Were Vital To The New Day’s Development

WWE SmackDown Superstar Kofi Kingston recently spoke with Graham “GSM” Matthews for WrestleRant Radio on a number of topics such as how WWE Live Events have been integral to the chemistry and development of The New Day.

Kofi Kingston said:

“Everything that we have done on TV started at a live event, whether it be on the road traveling in the car or just doing random stuff in the ring. Literally everything. We usually go out there and we try to entertain each other, and then when something like that works, we’re like, ‘People are gonna liked. Well let’s see if they like it this time. Oh, they like it here. Let’s bring it on TV and see if they like it there too. Being on the road and having these live events was integral to the chemistry and development of me, Woods, and E. We were very fortunate to be able to travel every single week and have matches with each other. This is before anything was televised, and just to kind of like foster that chemistry and really fine-tune it so by the time that we were able to debut on TV.”

You can check out Kofi Kingston's full comments in the embedded audio player below. H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes.