Kurt Angle Expected to Retire as an Active WWE Wrestler Soon

As I tweeted last night, WWE looks to be taking immediate steps to phase out Kurt Angle as in-ring competitor, according to two rajah.com sources. It was originally believed that Angle was going to work some type of 'retirement' match at WrestleMania, possibly against John Cena but those plans don't appear to be taking place anymore.

For those wondering about his future with WWE if he's not wrestling, as per a company source, the plan has been to extend Kurt with another contract where he would be transitioned into a backstage "agent" type role. The source adds that a lot of people felt WWE severely misused Angle when he returned and that his "story arc was completely in the wrong order" as he should have wrestled first, retired second and been used in a GM type role third.

Angle's retirement is reportedly "imminent" and this is just speculation on my part so please treat it as such, but Monday's Raw emanates from Pittsburgh, PA - Angle's hometown - and it's possible something related to Kurt's future will go down. I guess we'll find out in 24 hours.

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