Kurt Angle Reveals Former UFC Star Henry Cejudo Is Interested In Pro Wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle recently took to his The Angle Show and talked about former UFC Star Henry Cejudo potentially becoming a pro wrestler. Angle said that Cejudo's been having discussions with pro wrestling companies and he already has a gimmick in mind since Cejudo has already been doing it in MMA and UFC for so many years. Kurt also said that he thinks Cejudo would do extremely well and that he is a great athlete too.

Angle said, “He’s been having discussions with pro wrestling companies.” “I did talk to him yesterday, and I think his gimmick ‘Triple C’, ‘The King of Cringe’, he’s got the right idea about what he wants to do. He already has a gimmick because he’s already been doing it in MMA and UFC for so many years."

“I think he’d do extremely well, he’s a great athlete too.”

Kurt Angle then said he would consider starting a wrestling school or work for Triple H in NXT if the timing is right.

Angle said, “I would consider doing it, it’s something that I enjoy doing.” “Triple H offered me a job to train wrestlers, he wanted me to come down once a month to NXT. Nothing transpired from it but maybe in the future there might be some possibility. I like training people, I just don’t have a lot of time right now to do it, but I’m good at training people and teaching people stuff.”