Kurt Angle Says He "Wasn't Allowed" To Take Piledriver's

During the most recent edition The Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle revealed that he was pretty much banned from taking Piledriver’s, but that didn't stop him from being on the receiving end of a few.

Angle discussed a match from 2001, where the Olympic Gold Medalist faced off with Stone Cold. During the match, Austin hit the maneuver on Kurt, and Angle explained why he “trusted him” more than others. The WWE Hall of Famer said:

"No, you don't want to sign up for it. You know what? I trusted Austin. I have only done it twice in my career. I was always told not to do. I wasn't allowed to do it, but Austin talked me into it, and I trusted him because he is a really safe worker. But I did take it with him, but Austin doesn't jump in the air when he does it”

Kurt also spoke about performing the move with a current Impact Wrestling star. The TNA Hall of Famer discussed taking the bump from Eric Young, and stated:

"So, the impact, you know, he just goes from his feet and sits down. So, it's less impact. He kept his knees bent, so my head wouldn't hit the ground, and I did it with Eric Young in TNA once too, but I trusted those guys wholeheartedly, but that's one thing that's I'm not supposed to take because of my neck injuries”

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)