Kurt Angle Says He's Going Into Acting, How He Stays Busy Outside Of Wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently spoke with PW Insider to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including how he's gotten himself back into shape so he can transition into an acting career. Highlights are below.

How he got himself back into shape and is beginning a transition into acting:

I got myself back in shape, been talking to Hollywood producers and stuff about doing some movies. I got a couple of movies coming up next year so just transitioning from wrestling to acting, and I also have my supplement company Physically Fit Nutrition that I’m sure we’ll talk about later on but other than that I’m spending time with the family, it’s pretty cool. I mean I haven’t been home this much in gosh, you know, 25 years, so it’s kind of nice being with your family every day.

His day to day activities outside of wrestling:

Well, you know, I’ve always had structure in my life, so I continue to have that. I don’t try to sit back and rest and relax, I keep hustling, so from the minute I get up I’m doing something, whether it’s rehabilitation, training, making phone calls for my business, talking to managers, producers, so I spend the whole day doing what I have to do, I take my kids to their sporting events, it’s a little mixture of everything so I got a very well-balanced life.