Lana Says She's Going To Defeat Asuka In Passionate Video Promo

WWE star Lana released a new video on her Twitter page calling out Raw women's champion Asuka ahead of their title matchup on tomorrow's edition of Monday Night Raw. The Ravishing Russian, who is clearly distraught from not being taken seriously by The Empress, declares that she is ready to silence her doubters and become the new women's champion.

Asuka doesn't believe in me, clearly, Asuka's laughing — literally laughing at me. Laugh at me, Asuka. Laugh. Does it make you happy? Does it bring satisfaction deep into your soul? Make fun of me, laugh at me. You underestimate me. You think I don't deserve this shot. You think I'm not worth it, not enough, not strong enough, I'm not brilliant, I'm not pretty enough. Not enough. That's what you think, Asuka.

That's what you represent, all those people who have laughed and mocked me, and betrayed me, and called me names. This is why I'm ready for Asuka because I'm going to kick your head off, crush your body, and finish you. Because you represent everything I can't stand, you represent the mean people out there. I'm going to finish you. And become RAW Women's Champion.

Lana became number one contender by winning a battle royal on last week's program. Since the match was announced Asuka has trolled Lana on Twitter and mocking her for thinking she had a chance to be victorious. You can see those tweets, as well as Lana's video, below.