Latest on Kenny Omega, NJPW/Jericho, Details on Young Bucks' AEW Contracts

-- According to Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE officials "really wanted" Kenny Omega but it's not going to happen and unless there is a last minute change, he wil be going with All Elite Wrestling. To make matters more interesting, NJPW really wants to continue to use Omega, so they may end up working with AEW in the future. Omega's contract with New Japan expires in February, so he won't be making any statements on the matter until then.

-- Chris Jericho is also in a similar situation where his contract with NJPW has expired, but the promotion really wants to work with him as well which could also mean a partnership of some sort. It was reported that it's possible Jericho's deal with AEW isn't exclusive and Jericho was also in talks with WWE as recently as within the last couple of weeks.

-- It was noted on the Observer Radio, that Cody and The Young Bucks have signed five-year contracts with All Elite Wrestling. Many figured it would be three years, but all three are pivotal to the operations of AEW that they will be with the company for at least the five years.