Latest on Ric Flair's Health & Original Plans on Him Being at Last Night's WWE Raw

-- The situation with Ric Flair and his health status has been a topic of discussion after the NY Post ran an article suggesting that at the very least, Flair is living with someone (his wife) who has been very ill with the COVID-19 virus, yet he is appearing at WWE tapings and was also spotted in a drive-through without a mask handing over cash. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, it was suggested that as far as everyone knows, Flair does not have the virus (which would be in contradiction to the Post article, but consistent with what Flair claims) and the original plans on Raw were to have Flair there and on TV. WWE even had Big Show reference Flair being present and a graphic was aired that also featured the Hall of Famer. While nothing is confirmed, it’s likely that Flair ended up staying home as a precautionary reason and it was also noted that Flair’s wife’s situation is improving and despite being very sick at one point, she is much better.