Latest Update On WWE's Interest in NJPW Strong Women's Champion Giulia

-- Earlier this month, it was reported that WWE has significant interest in NJPW Strong Women's Champion Giulia and there were initial rumors that she would head to the Performance Center for a tryout with a later report clarifying that that wouldn't be happening due to the fact that she's under contract to NJPW/Bushiroad until the first quarter of 2024.

-- is reporting that while Giulia was not scheduled for "tryout" per se, many within WWE believed she would be at the Performance Center this week to visit and tour the facility. The report adds that Simon Inoki was also expected to be brought in to assist as a translator for Giulia, whose first language is Japanese. However, despite internal expectations, Giulia was not at the PC on Wednesday though WWE sources insist that the company still has interest in her for the future.