Latest On When New Wyatt Family Could Debut; WWE Non-Compete Clauses

-- In last week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported that all of the hints and QR codes for the latest iteration of the Wyatt Family appears to be pointing to the group showing up at the King and Queen of the Ring tournament in Saudi Arabia on May 25.

-- A major news story that broke last month had the FTC vote in favor eliminating non-competing clauses, something that is highly prevalent within the wrestling industry and a clause that WWE has been using for decades. With most wrestlers, they are slapped with 90-day non-competes and it was speculated whether WWE would be able to continue to do this.

-- In speaking with a source within the company, it was stated that this decision wouldn't apply to WWE because released wrestlers are actually paid for that 90 days; it is not a case where they are sitting at home without pay and unable to sign or appear elsewhere. The only exception would be non-wrestlers or executives who are often given longer than 3-month non-compete clauses and moving forward, companies would not be able to enforce those.