The Lawcast - Wrestlemania 17 Is A Show So Good It Launched An Empire

Welcome, boys and girls, and welcome to another episode of the Lawcast! This week we're finally releasing our last Wrestlemania podcast of the year, and while it may no longer be as timely, it is no less important. Because baby, we're talking about the single greatest American wrestling pay per view in history. The show that established what Wrestlemania would look, sound, and feel like for the rest of eternity. The show that broke the endless curse of terrible Wrestlemanias. The show that serves as the climax for the hottest era in the history of the sport. There is no show bigger, there are few shows better, and we almost wept with relief to have finally gotten to this one.

My god, there is so much to talk about here. From WWE finally realizing that the Undertaker's streak is a thing, to the Gimmick Battle Royal, to how they came so, so, so close to ruining the build to Austin/Rock, only to save it with one magical promo.

This is probably our most positive show ever. Never thought i'd say that about a show that Sid wasn't on.


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