The Lawcast - Wrestlemania 19 Was Supposed To Be The Beginning of WWE's Glorious Future

Welcome, boys and girls, to another episode of the Lawcast! This week we're continuing our Wrestlemania series as we take a look at Wrestlemania 19.

In the year since WM 18, the company has changed wildly, adopting the brand split, putting a heel on top long term for the first time in company history, and going all in on Brock Lesnar. This show was meant to be the crowning moment for a new generation of WWE, but instead it did a horrifyingly bad buyrate, at least 3 people barely made it through the show intact and one up and coming superstar is buried so thoroughly that he never quite recovered.

How did we get here, how did things go so bad, and what repercussions come from this dismal showing? Oh you know we're getting all up in those questions.

The business has changed. But is it for the better? Let's find out.

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