Lince Dorado Says He Won't Be At Wrestle Cade Due To "Unprofessionalism" Of Event Coordinators

Don't expect to see Lince Dorado at Wrestle Cade this year.

The popular masked pro wrestling veteran took to social media to air out some issues he is having with the coordinators of the event, who he labeled as "unprofessional."

"To all my fans, I will NOT be attending Wrestle Cade this year," he wrote via Instagram. "I believe the coordinators of the event and the unprofessionalism of others to have made a poor business decision that has kept my vendor, or anyone, from purchasing a table for me to attend."

He added, "Being lied to is one thing, but, taking or keeping me from making money for my household is something I take serious. Please support my peers attending. Thank you."

Check out the post below.