Liv Morgan On What She Thinks Of Mandy Rose As NXT Women’s Champion

WWE RAW Superstar Liv Morgan recently appeared on the "My Mom’s Basement With Robbie Fox" podcast and spoke about how she loves the 2.0 version of WWE NXT as they are definitely trying new things such as taking a chance on talents who are not so known and established yet and making them into stars.

Liv Morgan said:

“I love it, I think it’s cool, I think they’re definitely trying a lot of new things. I think it’s so awesome seeing fresh faces.” “You know, and just taking a chance on talent that are not so, like, established yet. I think it’s so important to create new stars and I feel like they’re doing that and I feel like they’re really trying to cater to like, the future of professional wrestling, you know? And like, create these stars now.”

Liv Morgan also talked about what she thinks of Mandy Rose as the NXT Women's Champion.

Liv Morgan said:

“I love, I absolutely love Mandy Rose as NXT Women’s Champion, I think she’s doing so phenomenal. I think she has grown so much too, just in the last couple of months.” “Being put in this position of, you know, you’re like the ‘top b-tch’ you’re the ‘head b-tch in charge’. You know this is your division. And so, I think that this is cool, I enjoy watching it and it feels refreshing.”

Liv Morgan then talked about what she has learned from WWE veteran Natalya, especially from Natalya's work ethic.

Liv Morgan said:

“She’s taught me so much. In wrestling, in life, I think my biggest takeaway from Nattie is just her work ethic is just like, unmatched. You know she has been doing this for so long.” “She’s been through so many different phases of the women’s division, and its evolution and its revolution, and she’s still standing.”

“Like I said, she has like three Guinness world records, which is insane; the most matches of like anyone in WWE history. The most winning woman in WWE history, and that’s not just because, you know? She puts her best foot forward all the time.” “She adapts, she adjusts, and she works hard to make sure her stuff is crisp and consistent consistently.”

You can check out Liv Morgan's comments in the video below. H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcribing the above quotes.