Maki Itoh Believes She Can Take The GCW World Title Off Of Nick Gage

Top Japanese pro wrestler Maki Itoh recently spoke with Fightful on topics such as how much she loves the vibe at GCW and how she hopes to continue performing at GCW and team with GCW World Champion Nick Gage in the future.

Maki Itoh said:

“I love the vibe at GCW. I love Tokyo Joshi Pro, but I’m used to it and I know how to get a reaction from the fans. For the fans at GCW, it’s not easy to get a reaction. That is a challenge for me and is something I’m learning. One day, I hope to get them reacting at the snap of my fingers. I hope to continue performing at GCW and teaming with Nick Gage going forward.”

Maki Itoh also spoke about her unique chemistry and bonding with GCW World Champion Nick Gage as well as the unique friendship they have.

Maki Itoh said:

“We had not spoken before Nick did a promo asking ‘where is my fucking gang?’ I entered the ring and somehow, we had a unique chemistry and bonding. After that promo, we spoke to each other backstage and wrestle. It’s a very unique friendship. I gave him a unique t-shirt and he was very happy about it.”

Maki Itoh then spoke about how she believes she can take the GCW World Title off of Nick Gage.

Maki Itoh said:

“Nick Gage. I am confident I can take the belt [GCW World Title] off him. Right now, I want to learn from him, but maybe in the future, once I have all the tools, I’m going to take the belt and perhaps run GCW by myself.”

You can check out Maki Itoh's comments in the video below. H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes.