Malakai Black Shares Story Of How His AEW Debut Was Almost Spoiled

During the latest edition of the AEW Unrestricted podcast new signee Malakai Black spoke about how his debut for the promotion on the July 7th episode of Dynamite was nearly ruined when he was driving in to the show. Hear Black's full story below.

How two wrestling fans were right near him as he was driving in:

“There was one moment as I’m driving in, and this was just one of those, ‘Oh s**t, all is lost’. I’m driving in, and there’s two fans walking about six feet away from my car, and I just go, *sighs*. But, for some bizarre reason, they didn’t look my way."

How he told his friend Josiah Williams to drive the rest of the way so he can hide:

“I was with Josiah (Williams) from Wrestle and Flow, he was documenting a bunch of stuff, and (inaudible) we held our breath, and they just walked passed us. At that point, I said, ‘Hey dude, I’m gonna hop in the back of the car, you drive, and I’ll just cover myself in suitcases and jackets and whatnot. That was a little too close for comfort, but hey, we did it.”

(H/T and transcribed by WrestleTalk)