Maria Kanellis Talks About Billy Corgan's Comments On NWA EmPowerrr II, Women's Wrestling Army

Maria Kanellis recently spoke with Grapsody for an interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During the discussion, the women's wrestling legend spoke about Billy Corgan's comments about not holding an NWA EmPowerrr 2 show, how it relates to her Women's Wrestling Army show and more.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On Billy Corgan’s comments on not holding an Empowerrr 2, and how it relates to her Women’s Wrestling Army show: “I think it depends on what women you’re looking at. For his promotion, he has a certain view of the women he has in his promotion and what type of women he wants in his promotion and what kind of stories he wants to tell with those women. We have a showing coming up on November 4 and 5 in Chicago and we’re going to have 25-30 women. There will be 25ish women on both days. We also have many different styles of wrestling. If you go across the board, we could have 40. If Bobby Cruise wasn’t telling me no on certain people, then I’d be like, ‘Okay.’ Bobby is the one where he’s like, ‘I know you want to have WrestleMania every time we have a women’s show, but we can’t do that.’ ‘Well, why not?’ [laughs] That is tough.”

On understanding where Corgan is coming from as EmPowerrr is a PPV event that needs to be sold to the public: “It’s also, EmPowerrr is a pay-per-view. If you’re trying to sell pay-per-views, are there enough women out there to sell pay-per-views? Maybe he’s looking at it in that way. For his audience, are there enough women to sell pay-per-views? For our show, we have 25 to 30 women we work with regularly. In Ring of Honor, we were working with about 25 women every taping.”

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