Mark Henry Says He Is 80 Pounds Lighter For His Return To In-Ring Action

WWE Hall of Famer "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry recently appeared as a guest on “The Hall Of Fame” podcast with fellow WWE Hall of Booker T, where he talked about wanting to have one final match and the reason behind it.

Mark Henry said, “There’s a lot of kids that didn’t get to see me wrestle. They only saw me on Youtube. It’s been enough time that has passed. Also, I quit before I had a last match, before I waved at everybody and said, ‘Ok. I had the pink jacket on. I’m sorry I lied to you all that I was leaving and retiring. I own it."

"But, I did not get that match where you go and pay tribute to the fans and you go and you wrestle somebody that’s up and coming that’s talented and you give them, what we call, the rub. I didn’t do that, and I feel guilty. That’s why I’m doing it. I figure that I’m going to wait until I’m 50 so the expectation is lower. At 50, they don’t expect me to go out there and have a 20 minute, five star match, just to be honest (Henry laughs). I’m telling you that right now. Listen, I’m going to go out there in really good shape. I’m already 80 pounds lighter than I was when I had my last match. I’m going to be in really good shape. It’s going to take a good man to beat me, but it might not take him long.”

You can check out Mark Henry's recent photo below: