Mark Henry On Why He Wants To Bring Community Awareness To AEW

WWE Hall of Famer and AEW commentator Mark Henry recently appeared on an episode of “Talk Is Jericho” to discuss the reason he wants to bring community awareness to AEW.

Mark Henry said:

“In September, we’re going to New York to Arthur Ashe Stadium. New York is in my stomping grounds. I have a place in Harlem. I love the community activism and involvement that we’re going to do in New York. It’s going to make people pay attention to AEW because the relationships that I talk about fostering are with big companies, Fortune 500 companies. I know guys that are running things. They are the movers and the shakers. When I was with WWE, I did stuff for them without getting paid to do it. I’m fostering these relationships like, ‘Oh yea, we’re coming here. You should bring your family and meet the guys.’ All of a sudden, there’s a relationship, a business relationship that got fostered. I never got an ‘atta boy’, ‘thanks for bringing them in’, or anything. That’s all I wanted. I just wanted to be respected and honored for what I brought to the table.”

You can check out Mark Henry's comments in the video below: