Marty Jannett Posts Health Update On His FB Page, Thanks WWE For Inclusion In Shawn Michaels A&E Bio

Pro-wrestling superstar Marty Jannetty, best known from his run with the Rockers tag team, issued an update on his personal Facebook page letting fans know that his ankles are recovering from surgery, and he looks forward to stepping back into a wrestling ring. Jannetty also thanks WWE for their positive words on him during the promotion for the A&E Biography on Shawn Michaels, which Jannetty was involved in.

Definitely miss being in the ring,(and when the new ankles heal, who knows) but teaching and training the new kids is just as good to is getting paid just to talk lately,(since the Shawn Michaels Biography) lol..keep the podcast offers coming, I enjoy doing them.

I would like to thank the people at WWE for the positives on me lately(such as this article & HBK Biography) will certainly help me clean up the mess I've made for the past 15 years trying to self medicate for pain and at times deep dark depression that I didn't tell even my brother about..but ankles are fixed..and the old MJ no longer older, much wiser and more determined than ever, you may not believe this NEW MJ is the same person as the last one!

You can check out Jannetty's full page here.