Matt Cardona Says He Still Has Glass In Him From July GCW Event

Former Game Changer Wrestling Champion Matt Cardona recently spoke with WrestlingInc., where he reflected on GCW fans reaction to his victory over Nick Gage. Check out the highlights below:

On GCW fans throwing trash at him:

“I loved it in the moment. I absolutely loved it, it was great. It wasn’t until after the fact that I am seeing that pizza cutters were thrown. What would have happened if a pizza cutter sliced me up? I tell you what, there’s no medical team backstage, okay? I was covered with cuts, and lacerations and was all bloody. The ‘nurse,’ who was backstage, she stitched me up like Frankenstein, didn’t clean me up, she said the stitches were dissolvable. They were not, I got infected, and to this day, I am still finding glass in my back.”

On glass that is still stuck in him:

“I have already removed two pieces from my back since July, and as a matter of fact, last week I was getting a nice 90-minute massage and my massage therapist was using the cupping technique. She had it on that area so long that it pulled more glass to the surface. So I know there’s still glass in there, I can feel it, it’s unbelievable.”

On the response GCW Owner Brett Lauderdale had to the situation:

“No f**king s**t, right? I am glad that he is trying to tell the GCW Universe like, ‘Relax guys, just enjoy the show.’ You can boo me, you can hate on me, you can put all these nasty tweets out. Do not throw pizza cutters, sharp objects at me, my fiancé, or any other wrestler. It’s uncalled for, we are better than this as a wrestling community.”