Matt Cardona Talks Crowd Reaction To His GCW Title Win: "I'll Be Honest There Was Some Fear"

IMPACT star and new GCW champion Matt Cardona recently joined Busted Open Radio to discuss his big win over Nick Gage at this past weekend's Homecoming special, and how the videos of his victory went viral on social media due to the crowd's insane reaction. Highlights from the interview are below.

How winning the GCW championship is validation:

“So many times in my career, whether it be like office people, or fans or even sometimes myself, I counted me out, like, ‘This is it, I’m never coming back from this. But time and time again, I prove that I can. And everybody counts me out, but my fan base…they drive me, and it motivates me, and I don’t want to prove people wrong, I want to prove people right. I think winning that GCW title, like God—-it, that proved people right.”

Says he was concerned for his safety at certain points of the night because of the hostile crowd:

“I’ll be honest, there was some fear, like walking through that curtain, you can watch the replay on FITE, like I can’t even get through the curtain and there are [already] fans in my face. And luckily, GCW had some security for me because [otherwise] I think someone would have took me out or tried to. You could just feel the genuine hate, and not like, ‘Oh, this is a bad guy we’re supposed to boo.’ Like hate, and during the match, the atmosphere was exciting, like people, they just wanted me to die in there. Like I was getting tweets like people wanted me to die. And then when I win, bro, I mean, you saw the video, they were just throwing stuff, some bottles, full bottles, empty bottles, someone threw a f—— pizza cutter, like Jesus, come on. And like I tried to enjoy it, but I was genuinely like concerned, like this isn’t stopping.”

How fans even chased him out of the venue:

“I didn’t know what was gonna be thrown. I had no idea, but I was in there as long as I could, I tried to get the money shot with the title, and then the GCW security’s like, ‘Yo, we gotta go, we gotta go out the front, run out the front.’ So they brought me out, and fans were still chasing me out through the front, through the Showboat Casino, it was wild.”

How proud he is of the match:

“I’m very, very proud of it. Did I want to get injured by fans? Absolutely not, but I wanted people to enjoy the show. And that’s why I put my body on the line because listen, I’d talked a big game, I had to deliver, and I feel like I did.”

(H/T and transcribed by WrestleZone)