Matt Hardy Talks About Jeff Hardy Being Pulled From AEW Dynamite After Nearly Being KO'd At AEW DoN

Matt Hardy spoke on a recent installment of his podcast about Jeff Hardy being pulled from AEW Dynamite this week.

Hardy noted on "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" that his brother was pulled from this week's AEW on TBS show after being nearly knocked unconscious during their match at AEW Double or Nothing 2022.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the show where he touches on this topic.

On Jeff Hardy being pulled from AEW Dynamite due to being “almost knocked out” very early in the Double Or Nothing match: “Yeah, I was happy with the match [at Double Or Nothing], especially considering very early on in the match Jeff was almost knocked out. So he got hurt pretty bad. That’s why he’s being pulled from the match in Los Angeles, obviously. So he was kind of running on fumes going through the match. So he still held up his end of the bargain pretty good in the big scheme of things.”

On Jeff having no recollection of the match at Double Or Nothing after the point he was nearly KO'd: “We have a couple of ideas, but we’re not sure [where Jeff got hurt]. He has no recollection. Like he doesn’t remember the match at all after that happened. So thank god The Young Bucks are The Young Bucks and I’m me. He was literally just a vessel being given directions throughout this match to kind of do what he was supposed to do. So considering he really got knocked loopy terribly at some point earlier in the match, he still did pretty good to go through and do everything he did. It’s so funny that he’s just still such a great athlete and so good at what he does. If you look at the Swanton he does on the stairs, he still does it like perfectly. And he didn’t realize he was supposed to do it until he was told he was supposed to do it.”

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