Matt Sydal Undergoes Successful Foot Surgery: "I Got Two Legs Now, So Ya'll Better Watch Out ..."

Matt Sydal is on the road to recovery.

On Friday, June 14, the high-flying pro wrestling veteran and AEW star surfaced on social media to announce that he was undergoing foot surgery.

"After 12 years of suffering, I’m getting my right foot fixed today," Sydal wrote on Friday morning. "The surgeon has to break and re-fuse three bones, and use hardware to set my toes into the joints."

Sydal added, "Thank you to AEW and our Medical Staff for the care. Thanks to the fans who’ve stuck with me the whole time. Love you all! The best is yet to come."

In a follow-up post later in the day on 6/14, Sydal re-surfaced on social media with a post-surgery photo and brief statement.

"I got two legs now, so y’all better watch out…kicks are coming back harder than ever," Sydal wrote. "Thank you for the support. Thank you, AEW."