Matt Taven Talks Feud With Vinny Marseglia: "People Will Go Back And Watch That"

ROH World Tag Team Champions Mike Bennett and Matt Taven of The OGK were featured on the latest edition of the ROHStrong Podcast, where Taven refelcted on his feud with Vinny Marseglia. Taven also discussed his cage match with Marseglia, and more. Check out the highlights below.

Taven on his rivalry with Vinny Marseglia:

“It was just three months ago where I felt on top of the world. I remember hitting the ground in the cage and thinking, ‘ We did it, two years, we did that,’ and being so proud of everything we had done and I hope, like a Picasso, people will go back and watch that and maybe years from now, it’ll get the credit that it deserves because it’s one thing for me to say it, but it’s another thing when other people give it the just due that I think it deserves. I’m so proud of those two years and everything that happened. To me, all Vinny needed was a catalyst. He’s so talented and so good. Just like all of us in wrestling, we just need that one person in wrestling to reach out and pull you up a little bit. We came up together and he’s one of the first people I met in wrestling and we’ve been thick as thieves ever since. I know the love he has for wrestling and I know how talented he is.”

Taven on the cage match against Vinny:

“I lived a dream at Madison Square Garden. When that was over, my goal was to reach my hand out and help my friend. Since day one of that feud to the last acid drop off the top of the cage, I knew all Vinny needed was this platform. I’m so excited to see what happens with him in the future. It’s just getting going. I hope The Righteous stick together because it’s so good and Vinny hasn’t even scratched the surface. He was about to and I think he will in the future. It’ll be exciting to see what his path is and how he gets there. Give credit where it’s due. He’s a creative guy and we help each other. There are so many things he’s helped me with that don’t get acknowledged and it’s something that you’ll look back on and hang your hat on. Hopefully, the price of a me and Vinny DVD, when they put it together, the price skyrockets.”

Mike on Taven putting other talent over:

“Matt won’t put himself over, but I will. When he said his next (objective) to put people over, he’s not just speaking out of his ass. It’s 100% true. He fought for that finish to lose so he could get Vinny over. He’ll never tell you that, but I will. He fought to make Vinny a made man and people need to know that.”