Matty Hardy Praises Brock Lesnar's Royal Rumble Performance, Opens Up About A Wrestler's Age Not Mattering

WWE star Matt Hardy released the latest episode of his "Thoughts from the Throne #25" series on his Youtube channel. The Broken One begins by discussing WWE champion Brock Lesnar's Royal Rumble performance last Sunday, stating that he didn't mind that The Beast looked dominate over members of the midcard. He also says that Drew McIntyre's elimination of Lesnar was a "stark making moment."

I know there were some people online—some of the more critical fans who were upset that Brock Lesnar dominated the first half of the match," Hardy began. "Looking back on that I think Brock Lesnar was being Brock Lesnar, and if they were going to make a big deal about the champion entering the match and being number one, he certainly had to be impactful. So, that didn't bother me at all. The guys he eliminated, people were worried of them being 'buried' or whatever it was, it doesn't really do any damage to them. It wasn't a scenario that bury them any way, shape or form. The biggest thing happened out of all that were [fans] were upset that their guy was in the match early and they got thrown out very shortly, and Brock Lesnar was the one to eliminate them. Which, when it was all said and done, was the point because we have Drew McIntyre be the one to ultimately eliminate Brock Lesnar in a very star making moment.

Hardy also talks about how a wrestler's age is irrelevant in the world of pro-wrestling because it's all entertainment.

Something I've seen seen recently online, probably wrestling Twitter more than anywhere else, should old guys beat young guys?" Hardy said. "Or should the young guys, the young talent always beat older talent, or the veterans? It comes down to this—age is really irrelevant. If you can still go in the ring, if you're still entertaining, and you're still good and you have a lot to contribute to the show on a full-time basis—age is irrelevant, talent is what's relevant. If you're talented, you should be utilized to the best of your ability.

Check out the full video below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)