Mercedes Martinez Comments On Knockouts Title Match Against Mickie James At IMPACT Turning Point 2021

Mercedes Martinez recently spoke with the folks from Wrestle Zone for an in-depth interview promoting the upcoming IMPACT Turning Point 2021 special event this weekend.

During the discussion, the IMPACT Wrestling star spoke about her upcoming Knockouts Championship match against current title-holder Mickie James at Turning Point 2021, how she brings something different to the table, working younger talent and more.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On her match against Mickie James at Turning Point: “We’ve seen it all on in our careers. And you know, we want to make sure — and I think that’s the point that she’s trying to sell — it doesn’t matter what our age is that we can still go and we can still deliver. It’s really the biggest thing, experience talks and you know if we can still deliver in that ring and give everybody a great match. Everyone can see what we still can deliver, then it doesn’t matter what our age is, and I think that’s the whole thing, no pun intended, it’s the whole turning point of this. You have two veterans in this business who’s seen it all, who’s been in companies back and forth, and is now getting a chance to be put pitted against each other for the Knockouts World Championship title. And we’re going to show the world that experience does matter. Experience does talk, and no matter what goes on in our careers,” she pointed out. “This is a match that you want to see. You’re going to see something different. You’re going to see something entertaining and exciting and just tune in to see what two veterans of this business who’s seen it and done it all are going to do to each other for one of the most coveted prizes in this business.”

On bringing something different to the table: “I think it really comes down to what your talent is, what you can bring to the table. I think what has to happen is they have to look at us and just say if you can still deliver and you can still go, then go do what you need to do your job and do what you love to do. It’s not really up to them to tell us what age it is for us to stop. Yes, the younger talent is feistier, the younger talent may be more spontaneous and maybe they’re doing crazy stuff in the ring. Maybe that’s what it is that [some promoters] see; maybe ratings go up, I’m not sure.”

On working younger talent: “I think it just really comes down to well; maybe you need to put this younger talent with someone like a Mickie James or someone like a Mercedes, someone who has been in this business for a long time and teach them and help elevate their game. Because you don’t want to put these younger talents in a position that they’re not ready for. And us veterans in this business, whether we’re 30, 35, or however long they want to stop the gap,” Martinez said, “I think we have a lot to offer fans in the audience and more than just spontaneously. I think we can bring a different level of wrestling that people are not used to seeing anymore, bring that old school with a new school flavor we can mesh and adapt to any style.”

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