Mercedes Mone: "Definitely Expect Me To Be With Some Wrestling Company In 2024"

Mercedes Mone is itching to get back inside the squared circle.

The former WWE Superstar known as Sasha Banks released a Cameo video where she spoke about being ready to get back into the ring, and how she will be with a wrestling company in 2024.

"I cannot wait to return back into the ring," she said. "So definitely expect me to be with some wrestling company in 2024, for sure."

Mone continued, "I cannot wait to be in that squared circle. That’s where the most home, it’s where I feel the most alive, and I just can’t wait to be back. I’ve been healing everything, mentally, physically, spiritually, everything. So I’m really excited to get back to what I love and what I do best."

Check out the complete video from Mercedes Mone below.