Michael Cole Compares His Work In WWE With The Great Jim Ross, Says He Loves His Job

Longtime WWE commentator Michael Cole was the latest guest on the Pat McAfee show to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including how proud he is of the work he's done for WWE in the last 25 years, then compliments fellow play-by-play legend Jim Ross for being one of the greatest of all-time. Hear Cole's full thoughts on the subject below.

Calls Jim Ross the greatest when it comes to emotions in commentary, but believes he's the best at running a show:

Any time I can get some positive press, I like it. At the end of the day, I've busted my ass for 25 years in this business and nobody can ever take that away from me. I may not be the greatest of all time, I will truly say that when it comes to emotion, Jim Ross is the greatest ever in this business. I think I'm the greatest ever when it comes to running a show, running traffic.

Says no matter what people thought about him he's busted his ass for 25 years:

No matter what you think of me, that's your opinion and the beauty of wrestling. You can love people, you can hate people, but you can never take away the fact that I've worked at this for 25 years and have literally missed two television shows in 25 years. To me, that's a badge of honor. It's a grind, but I love what I do.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)