Michael Elgin On Choosing IMPACT Over Japan: "I Felt It Was Time To Move On."

During the latest IMPACT Wrestling media call, former IWGP NEVER Openweight champion Michael Elgin reveals why he chose to sign with IMPACT instead of sticking around to work in NJPW.

It was more-so of just me wanting to be there and I kind of freed up my obligations because I just spent so much time in Japan and there was an offer there that I decided wasn't right for me. Because I decided that even though it was said otherwise in some media outlets, I felt it was time to move on and focus on my son. And looking at all the other options, like I previously mentioned, that I focus on wrestling and I watch a lot and I try to watch every company out there and stay focused on the talent that's out there, and- just the product as a whole within Impact was what I like about pro wrestling.

Elgin then explains what he finds appealing about the promotion, like the creative freedom they allow, and the importance they give to their titles.

It's what my pro wrestling that I grew up on focuses on. Championships mean something. People are going out there and fighting to be the best wrestler and to gain a championship and it just speaks volumes to me because that's what I like about wrestling. I like the athletic atmosphere. I like the sport atmosphere of it. And I feel Impact has done a great job of presenting that to people.

(H/T Wrestling Inc)