Mick Foley Reflects On Ear Getting Ripped Off During WCW Match, Ripping His Own Hair Out

Mick Foley came up with some interesting and unique character traits and spots in matches during his legendary in-ring career.

During a recent installment of his official podcast, "Foley Is Pod," the WWE Hall of Fame legend reflected back on some that stand out, such as the "Hangman" spot in matches where he would get tied up in the ring ropes, as well as ripping his hair out of his head during the early days of his Mankind character in WWE.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the episode where he shares a story related to the "Hangman" spot during his WCW match with late wrestling legend Vader in Germany that resulted in him having his ear ripped off, as well as how he would rip his own hair out of his head during his Mankind days in WWE.

On where he got the idea to pull his hair out of his head during the early days of his Mankind gimmick in WWE: “I think it wasn’t until I actually made the debut that I shaved the divots out of my hair and decided Mankind was going to pull his hair. I’d been around people with emotional difficulties. Even back when I was a lifeguard, one of the children had big tufts of hair missing because she was a hair puller. Obviously, that’s a lot of pain. If someone who takes to pulling their own hair out, they are suffering emotionally on a big level. I thought, ‘Yea, that’s who my guy is.’

“So he would express frustration when he didn’t get a pinfall by pulling out his hair. First of all, we taped or glued some clips of hair to the mask. That didn’t work. It didn’t look realistic. I had long hair at the time and it wasn’t particularly well treated, so there were a lot of dry ends. I found if I just pulled rapidly, instead of yanking from the skull, if I pulled the hair itself, that after six or seven of these, it was visible, and then it would float. It was this great thing where the floating is gentle like a butterfly in nature, but it’s being done by a madman who just pulled out his own hair. So even as the hair was floating through the air, I was now back on the offense.”

On the 'Hangman' spot during his WCW match against the late Leon "Vader" White in Germany that ripped off part of his ear: “As far as the Hangman, I had taken note of it the first time in a magazine where Exotic Adrian Street and Randy Savage, and it was Randy who did the Hangman. I never saw Randy do the Hangman one single time in WWE or WWF. But it was a photo of the Hangman. Then it was the movie, ‘I Like to Hurt People.’ There were a lot of wrestlers in it. It told the story about a guy who had been decapitated using the Hangman. Then I saw Don Muraco do it in a really creative way as a count out. So he was counted outside the ring.

“Back then with the VCR, you pause and frame by frame it. You have to make it look like it’s part of your natural motion. You have to, in flying motion, use your body’s momentum and that bottom arm to twist that second rope over that top rope and now you’re hanging. I was doing this as far back as ‘86 because it was one of those things that I could do that required timing and momentum, not pure athletic skill. Prior to Germany, I had been stitched up on late night hospital visits about four times for that same move, and I’ve probably been patched up another five or six times backstage.”

Check out the complete episode of Foley Is Pod where Mick Foley talks more about these topics and others by visiting Apple.com. H/T to WrestlingNews.co for transcribing the above quotes.