Mideon Reveals Undertaker Recruited Viscera Into The Ministry Of Darkness Because He Didn't Want To Face Him

Pro wrestling veteran Mideon appeared on Monte & The Pharaoh to talk about a number of topics such as how WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker wanted Viscera to be a member of the Ministry of Darkness stable because The Phenom didn't want to face him.

Mideon said:

“He was a giant human being, but he was a little reckless sometimes. When ‘Taker was doing The Ministry, ‘Taker was like, ‘We’re gonna bring Viscera in.’ I’m like, ‘Why?’ He goes, ‘Then we don’t have to work with him.’ I was like, ‘F*cking genius!’”

You can check out Mideon's comments in the video below. H/T to Sportskeeda for transcribing the above quotes.