Mike Bennett Says That He Learned More On The Indies Than In WWE

AEW star Suge D(Pineapple Pete) took to his Twitter earlier today to comment on his time in the indie wrestling circuit. Suge writes, "You say I did 16 on the indies like it's a BAD thing."

Former WWE star Mike Bennett (Kanellis) would respond to Suge's message claiming that he learned more in the indie circuit than he ever did in WWE. Bennett states, "One of the most annoying things said to me during WWE tryout camps was: “we gotta break you of all those bad indie habits”. Come to find out, I learned more about pro wrestling on the indies, than I ever did WWE. Embrace the indies. You are pro wrestling."

Bennett has already appeared on the ROH Strong podcast to talk about his depature from WWE, which came back in April due to COVID-19 cutbacks.