The Miz Reflects On WWE Championship Victory, Says He Plans To Continue Proving His Haters Wrong

New WWE champion The Miz spoke with Sports Illustrated about his big win at last night's Elimination Chamber, where the A-lister assures fans that he will not just be a transitional champion, and how he's stepped up his game over the last five years. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he doesn't plan on being a transitional champion:

I do not plan on being a transitional champion. That idea only fuels my fire, and hearing it is nothing new. It makes me think back to when I cashed in the Money in the Bank contract and won the belt in 2010. People thought I would lose, but I didn’t. Instead, I won the WWE championship. When I won, I heard I was only going to be a transitional champion, but I went on to main-event WrestleMania and I won, as a bad guy, in the main event, which never happens. Ten years later, I heard the same thing: I’d never win the title. So this is another opportunity for me to prove people wrong, which is what I plan on doing.

Believes he's elevated his work over the last five years:

Over the last five years, I’ve found a new gear. I remember facing AJ Styles when he came to WWE, and his style was so different than anything I was used to. That’s when I knew I needed to elevate my work. And my wife deserves a lot of credit, too. Working with her, she gave me confidence that brought me to a new level.