MLW CEO Hypes World Title Match For This Week's Episode Of Fusion

Major League Wrestling CEO Court Bauer spoke with DAZN to hype the promotion's return to programming, which will air this Wednesday. Highlights are below.

How Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Jacob Fatu was originally set to headline a July PPV prior to the COVID-19 pandemic:

This title fight was set to headline our July PPV this past summer, which would’ve been in Philly. When the pandemic hit, all of our matchmaking went out the window, but what stayed was the appetite for this big fight. The fans wanted it. Fatu and DBS wanted it. I wanted to go big and conceptually deliver a premium level event for free for The Restart. This isn’t a match that’s ever been done before, so what bigger main event can you kick things off with than this?

Says this match is a perfect matchup showcasing two uniquely different styles:

Styles make fights, and this one is the perfect matchup. Davey Boy Smith Jr.’s precision as a catch wrestler is untouchable. Add in his freakish strength, dexterity, pedigree, experience, and size and you have a complete beast. DBS is an exceptional athlete and has that rare killer instinct you just don’t see every day. Of course, he’s facing a guy who matches up perfectly in Fatu. Fatu has speed, durability, explosive power, and a fearless agility you don’t see in any sport. Fatu will hit the top rope and pop off something onto an opponent that defies gravity. There’s a reason no one has come close to taking that world heavyweight title from Jacob Fatu since he won it a year and a half ago.