MLW Says MJF Is Preparing For The Fight Of His Life This Weekend Against Mance Warner

Major League Wrestling issued the following press release stating that AEW superstar and former MLW Middleweight champion MJF is preparing for his high-stakes Loser Leaves Town showdown against Mance Warner this weekend. The promotion states that the bout will take place from an undisclosed location in order to minimize interference from MJF's Dynasty faction. Details are below.

MJF vows to be in the best shape of his career when he battles Mance Warner in the much-anticipated upcoming loser leaves MLW empty arena match this weekend on FUSION.

The bout will take place at an undisclosed location in an empty arena to minimize the risk of outside interference, given the Dynasty’s history.

Both MJF and Mance Warner will be taken directly to the undisclosed venue 60 minutes prior to the bout and will not be informed in advance of the locale.

This hasn’t stopped the Dynasty from throwing money around to get intel on where the big showdown is taking place.

With such high stakes for MJF, a source close to the quartet claims his fellow bros have assured the elitist they will be in the building and guarantee it will be Mance Warner hitching a trailer to his pick-up truck and exiting MLW this weekend.

Given the Dynasty’s schemes over the past year in MLW, what could Alex Hammerstone, MJF, Richard Holliday and Gino Medina have in store for Warner? According to a source, “(the Dynasty) are throwing money and muscle around sparring no expense. They want to rid themselves of this guy Mance Warner at all costs.”

Will the Dynasty secure MJF’s future in MLW?

Will this be ol Mancer’s last stand?

We’ll find out this weekend on MLW’s flagship television series, MLW Fusion.