MLW Underground Series Reportedly Set To Return Next Week

A gargantuan announcement was recently made by MLW that their MLW Underground series is set to return next Wednesday. MLW's original Underground series reportedly aired from 2003-2004, and is set to make a comeback next Wednesday at 7PM ET on YouTube, Fubo Sports, DAZN, beIN SPORTS and the Roku Channel.

MLW's original Underground series featured wrestlers such as former WWE Champion CM Punk, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Joey Styles, WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk, Satoshi Kojima, Extreme Horsemen and Steve Corino. A preview for the upcoming episode of MLW Underground's rebooted series is set to be released on Wednesday morning on YouTube.

MLW CEO Court Bauer said, “During the pandemic we reintroduced our classic series and a whole new wave of fans were taken by MLW Underground and frankly were disappointed it stopped airing this fall.” “So, we’re bringing it back when possible as interludes in-between some of our tentpole events.”

You can check out MLW's announcement below, along with a clip of a classic episode of MLW Underground featuring CM Punk vs. Raven: